Children of Hope is a Eucharistic Crusade dedicated to leading children into the mystery
of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist,
following the words of wisdom of our Beloved Popes JPII, Benedict XVI, and many others.
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Dear Friends,

ow is the time to plan for your regular times of adoration for the 2016-2017
school year!  You can make plans now with the school principal to begin this on a
regular basis.  If you haven't tried it yet, perhaps a first time in May, the month of
Mary, and then when you see how much the children love to come to Jesus and
adore, set up a regular schedule for the next school year.  At our school we have all
school adoration after Mass every First Friday, in honor of the Sacred Heart of
Jesus!  Then, Classroom adoration visits every second Monday.  Pray about it, and
find a time that works! Contact us if you need any help or ideas....

God bless you all and please keep us in your prayers and we shall be praying for all
of you as well!  Fr. Antoine is just finished in Cebu for the Interntional Eucharistic our Facebook page for updates!
Sandy Rongish, Fr Antoine, and the Children of Hope team  

Watch a Video Clip from the mission in Belgium:
watch here

Don't forget to print a prayer card for your children to give to those they prayed for
in adoration!  Prayer Card
Would you like one of the Brothers of St John
to visit your parish to help you get started?
Fill out this form and return by email
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Rosary CD's to your
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All funds help the
Brothers work with
the poor.
Children of Hope "Eucharistic Adoration for Children and Families"

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New!  Rosario Misterio Spanish
We are pleased to announce we now have
a "Eucharistic Rosary" CD set to offer you
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Br. Leopold d'Yve, CSJ, these are sure to
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Listen to one mystery here
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Enjoy this video of Fr Antoine leading children in Lithuania this year!
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